KDO is a non-profit and non-governmental youth lead organization registered with the Social Welfare, Women Development & Baitulmaal Department Government of the Punjab with registration # SDO/SW/WD&BM(BD)2009-127.

KDO was formed by a group of young professionals from Bahawalpur in 2009.

KDO believes in improving the conditions of the youth particularly young women, and minorities/marginalized communities in order to ensure their equal and active participation in all spheres of life without any bias of gender, religion, status, or language for the creation of a healthy, just, peaceful, and democratic societyā€¯.

KDO believes to provide and promote opportunities to youth, marginalized groups and women to explore, enhance and utilize their knowledge, capabilities and skills to improve their status in the society and earn appropriate recognition of their contributions.

KDO emphasizes on establishment and promotion of interfaith harmony, strong family values and respect for senior citizens

KDO is currently working in District Bahawalpur, particularly in Cholistan Desert. Its activities are being extended to other parts of the country.