Kehkashan Development Organization


* Youth Development & Empowerment
* Youth Participation
* Women Rights and Gender & Women Empowerment
* Health / Reproductive Health
* Education
* Fundamental Human Rights and Democracy
* Socio-Religious, Inter-Faith Harmony and Peace
* Policy Review and Advocacy


KDO has a vision for a healthy, just, gender sensitized, violence free, democratic and peaceful society.


KDO has a mission to improve the status of youth, women and marginalized communities so that they may actively participate in all spheres of life without any discrimination of gender, sect, religion, language and creed, thus to earn the recognition of their contributions.


As per byelaws of KDO, mobilization of the young men and women for taking initiatives to ensure their active and meaningful participation in the development of society, capacity building of the youth without any discrimination, equipping them with innovative techniques so as to enable to ACT AS SYMBOL OF EMPOWERMENT.

Bridging gaps between youth groups, women and organizations delivering services regarding health/emotional health, counseling, micro credit and legal aid by developing strong referral systems so that the young men and women can get benefit from their services and resources, and, initiating and delivering programs related to Inter-faith and socio-religious harmony as well as initiating Inter-Cultural Dialogues and exposure to promote Acceptance, Tolerance and Harmony and reduce Fundamentalism and Extremism.